“You must hear this…knee deep in tracks perfect for triple-A playlists.”—Billboard Magazine 

“This is the most consistent band around. They never cease to amaze me with their depth and breadth of their songwriting skills and the harmonies that are a delicious icing on what is already a nourishing musical cake.”—Tom Kidd, Music Connection Magazine 

“This is a band that rocks.”—New York Times 

“…the distaff foursome prove that not only girls can rock as hard as the boys but also that the major label A&R drones have been living too high on their expense accounts if they’ve overlooked a band as obviously talented as this.”—Rev. Keith A. Gordon, The View 

“This is the type of band that once you hear the music or see them live, you’re hooked. There’s a lot of great music out right now, but this band is so far above their game, their CD does not come out of the player.”—Dan Suderman, HoJO Records




 Sal Landers is a seasoned, multi-award winning singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Asheville, NC. Over the breadth of her career, she’s played thousands of shows, had commercial success via a publishing deal with Sony/TriStar, shared the stage with many notable musicians, and released three full-length CD’s. No stranger to working hard, Sal toured heavily throughout the 1980’s and 90’s in both Europe and the USA with her Los Angeles-based bands, The Fixations and Sideswipe. Possessing showmanship in spades, she has continued to make her mark as a fiery, impassioned performer who deftly takes command of the stage, dishing up epic grooves, crunchy guitar riffs, and robust vocals. Sal has an easy, natural rapport with the audience and offers crowd-rousing performances that lean into raw, potent, organic sound featuring classic rock/funk/indie covers as well as her own smartly crafted melodic originals that are rife with honest, vulnerable lyrics that draw largely from Sal’s personal experience. Much in the style of early Indigo Girls, The Who, CSNY, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, CCR, and Stevie Nicks, Sal brings her inimitable brand of groovy, Laurel Canyon-esque rock ’n roll to the stage with an infectious energy and passion that swaggers and captivates. Be sure to read more on Sal Landers’ website: she’s got an in-depth, fascinating story to tell that gives an intimate look into the life of a pioneering female musician blasting her way through the West Coast music scene, triumphantly defying a myriad of social and personal barriers—and snagging quite a few major wins along the way.